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Week 5: How Do I pray for Not Yet Christians?


Opening up the conversation:


Q1 - Discuss what stood out to you from the Sermon on Sunday?


Q2 - What motivates you to share your faith with others?


Q3 – Does anyone have a story of where God has opened up an opportunity to share faith with a non-Christian? What were you thinking and feeling at this moment?


Engaging with the bible

Read Luke 10:1-12


Jesus’ message to his Disciples then, and to us today, is that as we join God in his mission of sharing the light of Jesus - we are to be on the lookout for people of Peace.


 Based on Jesus' instructions to his disciples in Luke 10, a Person of Peace….


….is someone who the Holy Spirit is already at work in, convicting them of sin and softening their hearts to the message of the kingdom of God and the good news of Jesus. 

A person of peace will be peaceable towards you, after you have shared something about the kingdom of God with them. 


Often the most effective way to share something of the kingdom of God with a person is to share your personal story of the difference that Jesus has made in your life with them.


Q 4: Why should we look for People of Peace when sharing our faith?


There are 3 things to keep in mind when looking for a Person of Peace.

After you have shared something about the kingdom of God a Person of peace will: 


  • Like you, welcoming you into their lives. If they do not, you are to “shake the dust off your feet” as you leave their home;

  • Be willing to listen to your opinion about life and faith;

  • Serve or support you in some way. E.g. happy to buy you coffee or have you in their house.

Q 5: Can you share a story of when you have encountered and interacted with a Person of Peace?


 Look up each of the following passages and discuss who the person of peace is and how they were shown to be a person of peace.




Q 6: Can you share a time when you have had someone ‘shut the door’ to the Gospel message? How did it feel? How did you respond?


Apply and pray

As a group take time to pray and ask God to show you 3 non-Christians within your circle of influence (family, friends, neighbours and co-workers) who are people of peace or who you think would be interested in hearing about the difference that Jesus has made in your life. If you have a journal, write these names down.


Ask God to provide an opportunity to share the difference that Jesus has made in your life with a person of peace. Pray for wisdom and boldness for each other to be and bring the good news of Jesus to people of peace around you.



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