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Mission and Outreach

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Julie teaches Special Religious Education (SRE) at Callaghan College Waratah Campus. This is a Junior high school and has roughly 900 students. Only a small number of students attend the scripture classes, with around 40 students on the roll but only 22 or so attending each fortnight. We’re hoping this number grows!
Apart from the classes, Julie coordinates and runs a lunchtime group called “J.C. Jesus Chats” with the help of some volunteers, and is exploring other opportunities to get involved in the school community such as through caring for students. Brekkie Club on Thursday and Friday mornings is a great way to share a smile and hear stories.


Helping Others

A team of 5 volunteers from various local churches teaches SRE in these two primary schools. They have half-hour lessons once per week. In 2022 there are about 82 students enrolled at “May East” and 128 at “May West”.

Mayfield East and West PS

English Classes Mayfield

Every Thursday morning during term, a small team of enthusiastic volunteers meets to host free English conversation classes for people in the local community who are learning English or would like to practise speaking English in a friendly environment. Some of the students are new to Australia, while others have lived here many years. In addition to language learning, students also come for the opportunity to socialise with others like themselves who were not born in this country. Currently there is a team of six volunteers, most of whom are linked to Mayfield Baptist church. 

English Classes

Overseas Mission

Matt and Heidrun met in 1999 on the MV Doulos, and were married a year after leaving the ship in 2002. In 2004 they rejoined OM Ships serving with the Project Team for the future Logos Hope. Matt was heavily involved with the ship’s drawings, design and project management. They had the great privilege of being on board Logos Hope when it was launched into ministry in February 2009. Matt served as the Maintenance Engineer, supervising the team responsible for the ship’s air-conditioning and refrigeration. Matt manages various projects for the ship’s technical department including the annual dry-docking.

The Blairs
OM Ships

Outreach Programs

Margaret has joined the Ethnic Thai team, based in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. She will spend 4-5 hours a day at language school, and an additional hour with a language nurturer who will provide assistance within the local community. The intercultural team has a vision to empower ethnic Thai people to develop faith communities that are intrinsically linked to their cultural identity. They seek to disciple believers who are faithful witnesses within their communities as well as identifying and equipping future leaders.

Marg Holahan
Baptist Mission Australia

Supporting Others

Chris works in the area of Bible translation currently translating the book of Luke into Kimberely Kriol with plans for work into several languages in Indonesia as travel becomes easier. In an effort to become more qualified in the field of Bible translation he is completing Master’s degrees in linguistics and theology. Chris also regularly teaches and leads worship.
Besides being a full-time mum Debi is involved in support for pregnant and new mums without existing support structures due to domestic violence or having moved from overseas, etc. She is also involved in helping families in crisis through practical help.

Chris and Debi Adams
YWAM Perth

Church Mission

Steve (an anaesthetist) and Ana (a GP) first met during their medical studies in Newcastle. They first visited Nepal as medical students in 1993. Since 2007 they have been using the medical skills to serve at the United Mission Hospital in Tansen, Nepal. They work on a roughly two-year cycle, one year in Nepal followed by one year in Australia (during which they work in local hospitals to keep their medical certification up to date). They most recently departed for Nepal in March 2022. At Tansen, Ana works mainly in paediatrics (children’s health) and as training coordinator. Steve  works as an anaesthetist in the surgical ward, and also teaches in a program that trains nurses to administer basic anaesthetics, which helps save lives in regions far from hospitals with trained anaesthetists.

Steve and Ann

Tansen Mission Hospital

Support for others

BWA works with three Christian partner organisations, across 13 projects,  to contribute significantly to urban and rural social development. Please pray for:

Multipurpose Community development Services (MCDS) is the social work and development arm of the Baptist Churches in Nepal. They work with individuals, groups, and local organisations to help them identify their needs and work together on solutions.

International Nepal Fellowship (INF) is a Nepali NGO that runs health and development programs to improve quality of life.

United Mission to Nepal (UMN) was established in 1954 as a cooperative effort between numerous Christian organisations from around the world. UMN teams work alongside local organisations in less-developed areas of the country, in education, livelihood, and health programs. UMN are a significant partner in BWA’s child sponsor program in Nepal.

Baptist World Aid

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