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Mayfield Baptist Football Club

Church Football

Hunter Christian Churches Football

Mayfield Baptist is a foundation member of the Hunter Christian Churches Football (formerly known by the long name: Northern New South Wales Christian Soccer Football Association).

We have entered teams in the HCCF competition every season for over 70 years!

All our teams are managed by members of the church and community members are welcome to join up.

Ian Cowling, a member of our church is a Past President of the HCCF and Life Member.
Tim Mackenzie, a member of our church is the immediate Past President of the HCCF.

Check out the competition at

MBC Football President: Will Hall

In 2022, the church has Womens League, Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, and Div 5 teams entered in the HCCF competition.


2015 - Our Best Season Ever

  • Mayfield Baptist had an incredible 6 teams out of 7 in the Hunter Christian Churches Football Association Championships on Saturday, 29 August 2015. 

  • We won 3 Division Championships.

  • Women's League 2 - Premiers and Champions

  • Division 7 - Premiers and Finalists

  • Division 3 - Finalists

  • Division 6 - Premiers and Finalists

  • Division 2 - Champions

  • Division 1 - Premiers and Champions

  • We were also awarded the Major Club Champions trophy. 

Congratulations to all our club players, coaches, managers and supporters on our most successful year ever!

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