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Pulse- A program aimed at building community, having fun and exploring relevant issues of faith and life in a creative engaging way. Available for youth in school years 6-12 and running during school terms Friday nights usually from 6.30-8.30pm at MBC.

Junior Bible Study- A new ministry initiative, intended to provide youth from school years 5-8 a chance to discuss and explore issues of faith in a relevant way. Runs during the 10am service on a fortnightly basis, with the other week being used to help serve in the kids ministry or participate in broader church life. 10-11.15am Sunday Morning at MBC.  

Senior High Bible Study- A less programmed more relaxed night for older teens in school years 9-12 interested in exploring life and faith issues in a more in-depth interactive way. Night starts by sharing a meal together before moving into smaller groups for discussion based bible studies. Runs on Monday nights during school term from 6.30-8.00pm at MBC.

Contact Karen for more details.