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Why We Believe in Small Groups

We believe that people grow spiritually when they are engaged in intentional relationships. This is why we want everyone who sees Mayfield as their Church family to be engaged with a Small group.

Today’s culture celebrates and promotes individualism over community, and privacy and seclusion are valued over connection. God has not designed us to live this way. He created us for relationship with him and with others. We were made to belong and to be part of a community. Caring together, Serving together, and growing together.

When a Small Group meets: 

Meaningful Relationships take place: 

Lasting friendships are made in close community. Each person is encouraged to be a participant and not a passenger, and pursue authentic community with one another. 

Bible Truth is applied to everyday life: 

Small groups offer a safe place to ask questions, share life stories and together discover the reality of living life as a follower of Jesus.

Prayer is offered: 

There is power released when we join in agreement together to bring our needs, the needs of our Church and the needs of our world to God in prayer.

Mutual Care is experienced: 

Small groups are the primary place for care within the church. It’s in a Small group where you know each other and where victories can be celebrated and support & care can be given and received.

We are also always on the lookout for H.O.S.T.s

H. heart for God and His people 
O. open home and heart
S. serving God by serving others
T. teachable and trustworthy 

Being a HOST does not mean you have to do all the tasks involved with a small group, but you will need to see that the bases are covered. For example you may take care of the actual study and running of the time component, while another opens their home and serves supper etc.

We see your role as pivotal to the life of the church, and as such want to give you as much support as we can. To this end we are going to make your role as uncomplicated as possible. We are not expecting you to be an expert or a great leader; all we are looking for are people who are willing.

If you want to know more or just talk about the options available contact Grant Watts 0417288494 or email