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Rivers of Life is Mayfield Baptist's local 'Bible college'.

Mayfield sees a need for people to be able to stretch and challenge themselves in their understanding of their faith and ministry as well as their understanding of God. So in 2009 we joined Localnet which has given us the resources to train and teach in our own local area, people no longer need to travel  long distances to undertake study. 

What is Localnet? 

Rivers of Life is part of the Localnet system of Australia wide Training Institute, backed by ACOM, the Churches of Christ Theological College. LocalNet is focussed on lower Certificate and Diploma levels of training that can be offered by local churches.  The hope is to raise the standard, scope and recognition of local church-based training.  To do this, ACOM assists local churches to establish their own local training institutes (LTI’s), which offer their own training, with their own theological nuances, delivered at times and places which suit the students, to support the students distance studies through Acom. logo-acomLTI training can provide the nationally-accredited Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology and Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology which is recognised for credit towards higher awards and employment opportunities anywhere in Australia.   Using the accreditation of the network, students can take any accredited course at any LTI for credit towards their certificate or diploma, thus allowing LTI’s to ‘share’ courses with other local LTI’s to provide greater training opportunities.  ACOM’s LocalNet office deals with the complex administration and accreditation issues and the strategic development concerns, provides the necessary record-keeping and reporting to Government departments and the SCD, leaving churches to the main task of training people.

What does Rivers of life offer?

Through Rivers you can study to attain a Cert IV or a Diploma, or you can study at a non credit level as well. The difference is the cost and non credit students don't need to hand in assessments.

How much does it cost?

A full Cert IV at present will cost $1350, this is 9 subjects at $150 each. At present non credit students have no cost.

What times and how long?

Classes at the present time are on Thursday nights from 7-9.30pm. We currently run two subjects a semester (4 a year) so a full Cert IV will take 2 years.

More information

For more information or to find out what subjects are being studied this semester or year contact Grant.