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Building Kingdom Community that transforms lives and impacts our world with the Gospel of Jesus.

We believe that it’s God’s plan and purpose to build us into an open and loving faith community of devoted followers of Jesus, that reflects the Hope , Help and Healing of the Kingdom… a community where Christ is the Head, the Holy Spirit is an active presence and the gospel is proclaimed in word, sign and deed, as expressed in Jesus’ mandate for the kingdom in Luke 4:18-19.


It’s our desire to be a community that genuinely reflects Kingdom core values of...

Loving God... Loving His Word
We see worship as a whole of life experience so we desire to be a people of prayer & the Word, studying, applying & teaching it’s relevance to today, to build a life-giving & serving church.
(Matt 22:36, Rom 12:1-2; 1 Thess 5:17; Eph 6:18; Jn 8:32; 2Tim 3:16-7; Jn 17:17, Ps 119:9-11,105)

Mission Hearted… Kingdom Minded
We are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus by word, sign & deed whenever & wherever God gives us opportunity ‘down the street and around the world’.
(Acts 1:8; Matt 9:36-38; Matt 28:19-20; 1Pet 2:4-12; Matt 6:33; Matt 5:3-12; 1 Thess 2:4; Matt 18:15-18)

Becoming Like Jesus… Led by the Spirit
We are each called to grow to become more like Jesus & to live as his witnesses in our world. This transformation can only come from walking daily in His strength, showing His Fruit & using His Gifts.
(Phil 2:5; Rom 12:1-11; Eph 4:15-16; Mk 10:45; Gal 5:22-25; Rom 8:14; 1Cor 12; Eph 5:15-21)

Living God’s Love… Living out His Justice
We are committed to developing & maintaining loving relationships that are real as we seek to reflect God’s heart of compassion & justice into the brokenness of our world.
(Acts 2:42-47; Lk 4:17-18; Jn 17; Matt 18; Rom 15:5-7; 1Jn 3:16-8; Jer 9:24; Micah 6:8; Matt 5:3-16, 25:31-46; Jam 1:27)

In Serving & Leading… Always bringing our best
We believe that we honour God by giving Him our absolute best in worship, service & leadership as we support, pray for and encourage one another - especially those who lead & serve in our ministries.
(Matt 22:37-39; 2 Cor 2:14-16; Col 3:23-24; 1Tim 5:17; 1Peter 2:13-17 Eph 4:15-16)